About School Services

The School Services Department at Children's helps patients with educational needs. When a child's life is interrupted by an illness or hospital stay, our goal is to assess and address students' academic needs and how they may be impacted by a medical diagnosis. It is important that children be able to continue with normalizing activities such as school because their ability to attend and participate in school is a measurable outcome for progress. We integrate information regarding pertinent medical and educational needs to create individualized school recommendations.

The School Transition and Reintegration Service at Children's provides educational services including consultation, academic instruction, tutoring, and cognitive and psycho-educational assessments to patients throughout their continuum of care.

Our Services

  • School Consult Program
  • Tutor Program
  • DISD Hospital-Based Program
  • Psychiatry School Program

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Open Classroom

Frequent or lengthy hospital stays can interfere with schoolwork. We offer Open Classroom hours for hospitalized children and their siblings in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Instruction and tutoring are provided by Texas Education Agency-certified educators with experience teaching children with medical conditions. Volunteers also are available to assist.

The goal for our Open Classroom is to:

  • Allow patients to continue studies and help maintain and develop skills (computers, software and educational materials available)
  • Create a place for children to interact with others
  • Provide structure to a patient's daily routine

Procedures performed or problems diagnosed and treated:

  • When hospital stay will be 10 days or longer
  • Behind in school studies
  • Does not attend school/multiple absences
  • Assistance with academic curriculum
  • School reintegration and transition
  • General school questions or concerns
  • Risk of school failure
  • Academic and cognitive concerns
  • School avoidance

Enrollment Criteria:

  • Patient will have an anticipated hospitalization  of 10 school days (at the time school referral is made).  This includes children admitted for a one time illness or injury, and those whose illnesses require multiple hospitalizations.  
  • Patient must withdraw from their local school to be enrolled in the Dallas ISD program. 
    (School Services will assist with this process ).  
  • Parents/Legal guardians are required to complete all Dallas ISD registration paperwork in order for their child to be enrolled.